Trial Science | Make your opening a classic


Make your opening a classic

‘tis the season for story-telling.  What makes a story a classic that gets told over and over again?  Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Disney will tell you that classics contain 6 crucial elements before the story ever really begins.

Let’s look:

Opening diagram





















What if these same story-telling elements popped up in your next opening?

The elements you need in your opening are in the red boxes.

  • The question each element is to answer is in the corresponding green box.
  • These six elements should be the first 6 sentences of your opening.  Only then can you begin to tell your story in more detail.
  • And now I’ll exclaim as you ponder your style,
  • “Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Mother Earth Day to all!,”
  • And good luck in your next trial.

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