Trial Science | Jury Bias - Detecting, Deselecting, and Defusing - CLE Seminar | Trial Science
Everyone is biased. Ironically, when jurors are asked directly if they are biased, they all say, “No!,” --even under oath. Although “voir dire” is a phrase that implies jurors are going to tell you the truth about themselves, jury selection should really be called “Découvrez votre préjugé”—“discover your prejudice!” This seminar will demonstrate how subtle biases can be revealed through pre-trial research and effective voir dire techniques. Discover which jurors may hold which biases and how voir dire lets you attack and remove those attitudinal tendencies from the jury panel. Remember, light travels faster than sound, so the “look” of a particular juror hits you first, but the sound of that same juror, which arrives later, will tell you more about their bias.
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