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$61M Settlement

Trial Science conducted several rounds of pre-trial research for Paul Yetter and Collin Cox [of Yetter Coleman based in Houston] in the case of Business Logic Corporation versus Morningstar/Ibbotson. This was a complicated trade secret case involving retirement fund management software. With the critical case…

The tense is important

Rhetoricians (those Greek guys whose names we are supposed to remember, but we don’t), knew some stuff—good stuff, really. Especially in the area of convincing an audience to behave in ways the speaker wants. They would not be satisfied to say “Gerry Spence is a good…

In medias res openings

Typical openings begin at . . . well . . . the beginning. Elaborate timelines, both electronic and coreboard, occupy their prominent spot in front of the box so that jurors can track the events of the case. After an introduction, each story element falls in line…