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[Click on image to enlarge] Did you know that by correlating demographic data with the attitudes expressed during Focus Groups and Mock Trials, a clear idea emerges of how people with different profiles will respond to the issues of the case. By constructing a Supplemental Questionnaire with questions that tap the attitudes and demographics that are discriminating to various issues of the case, attorneys are able to rank the jury pool prior to voir dire.

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"Winning is the science of being totally prepared." ~George Allen


Trial Science is much more than just a premier trial consulting firm -- we are YOUR premier trial consulting firm. Think of us as your (outsourced) jury behavioral research department. How many of your colleagues or competitors have one of those? As part of your trial team, we enhance your practice by offering methods that alleviate the uncertainties of trial. Our research methods give you a thorough understanding of what jurors think of your case and why. You get our unbiased case feedback and our translation of your case into the language that jurors can comprehend.


The Trial Science team has decades of experience working alongside some of the most skilled trial lawyers in the country. We offer fresh perspectives on effective trial strategy based on the data your case generates from the research and on current psychological theory. We further support your litigation team with technology that enhances your presentation of arguments during arbitration, mediation and/or the entire trial itself.


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