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Trial Science, trial preparation, trial consulting firm. What will jurors think about your case? Our services give you that winning edge in trial.
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What will jurors think about your case?

Imagine knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your case well before you enter the courtroom. Imagine knowing ahead of time how jurors will react to your facts, your witnesses, and your presentation style. With Trial Science you will! Trial Science provides you with the profession’s most sophisticated trial preparation tools.

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What our clients are saying about us.


I just want to thank you again for your invaluable assistance before and during the trial of this important case. Your advice was right on the mark time and again. Bar none, you’re the best trial consultant I’ve ever seen.
- Paul Yetter / Yetter Coleman / Houston, TX


In my experience, whoever hires Trial Science first – and follows their advice – will win the jury trial. It’s just that simple.
- G. David Robertson / Robertson, Johnson, Miller, Williamson / Reno, NV


The unique and enormous benefit of Dan’s terrific CLE program is that it presents a comprehensive, systematic and scientific approach to focus groups, mock trials, and jury selection. I have not attended a similar program that put all the pieces of the puzzle together in such an understandable way.
- Jarome E. Gautreaux / Gautreaux, Adams & Sizemore, LLC / Macon, GA


I am grateful to Dan Dugan and Trial Science for making me the trial lawyer I am today. Dan’s workshop and follow-up coaching on a trade secrets case helped me to integrate the best aspects of story-telling and advocacy into a compelling jury trial. The results speak volumes. Thanks, Dan!
- James Wagner / Conn Kavanaugh / Boston, MA
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    Make your opening a classic

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  • Glocke Läuten!

    Scarcity and the Un-Rung Bell

    “. . . the jury will disregard that last answer . . .” “. . . I’ll instruct the jury on that at the end of the case . . .”   “. . . you can’t un-ring the bell . . .” One side......

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    You have an insurance bad faith case in which the carrier paid only a fraction of the estimated damages to a business in the aftermath of a hurricane.  The carrier paid 100% its estimate, but that wa...

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